Alice Wang

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Position: Sales Executive
Phone: +61 3 8899 7145
Mobile: +61 433 576 557

About Me

Alice Wang is a sales executive at Gem Realty. She came to Australia in 2004 to study for a bachelor’s degree in commerce at Deakin University, and began work in the real-estate industry thereafter. In doing so, she continued an interest in economic trends, foreign exchange and property investment, which she had developed in high school. Her own hands-on experience as an investor, combined with her global perspective, give her a confident and unique view of Melbourne real estate. In her view, low risk, high income and time efficiency are the three most desirable qualities of a property investment.

When meeting clients, Alice listens carefully and communicates her considered analysis, presenting those properties that best match a client’s needs and aspirations. From the first meeting through contract signing, completion inspection and settlement, she aims to keep every aspect of the process smooth, and continues to work with clients to realise favourable investment results within the shortest possible timeframe.

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