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Position: Managing Director

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Emma Gao founded Gem Realty in 2014 with the slogan “Real People, Real Properties” (“宅欣人厚”), which reflects her belief that being connected to the right people will bring prosperity. Today, she is proud of the business as a place that brings together people from a range of cultures and acknowledges their outstanding contributions to serving property buyers and investors.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting and a master’s degree in applied finance from Monash University, where she was a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society. Topping her class in the study of taxation, after graduation she spent three years in the corporate tax practice of KPMG Singapore, where her contact with clients sparked an enthusiasm for entrepreneurship.

Pursuing success through perseverance, she has won multiple industry awards, but maintains a humble mindset that keeps her conscious of how Gem Realty still has ample room for improvement and development—there is no limit to the sky.

Outside of her busy schedule, Emma pursues interests in house design, gallery curation and landscaping, where she is inspired by her father, Wenhui Gao, a well-known sculptor and landscape designer in China. Her personal aesthetics can be seen in her development projects and her home.

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